Our Skin Membership brings together multiple of our most popular treatments with the very best Add-Ons and upgrades.


We have a few options based on your skin concerns and goals. You and your Esthetician will work together as a team and completely customize every single treatment.

Skin Membership- $189/Month

Includes once a month; - Dermaplaning + Corrective Skin Treatment.

2X/Month Skin Membership- $145/Session

This is for those who want results fast as well as get control of their skin. Includes Dermaplaning + Corrective Skin Treatment.

Skin Revision Therapy- $85/Session.

Upcoming event or want to completely transform your skin? You can start with our weekly skin treatments. You will meet with your Esthetician weekly and customize your treatment at each session.


Each skin member will also receive:

- 20% off all products

- 20% off all additional services you wish to try or gift to a friend.

-After your 5th session, you get 40% off any other service!

Chic Beautique Skin Clinic.