Skin Membership Program.

Why should I join your Membership Program?

What does it  do for me?

Everyone likes to save money, am I right? A membership at Chic Beautique Skin Clinic allows you special discounts and promotions while you continue to maintain and take care of your skin each month! So many clients just want the freedom of not worrying about the money part when it comes to their skin- they just want a simple solution to maintain their results. Coming in at least once a month is the perfect answer, and if you want to come in more, you’ll save more! We hear you loud and clear! 

You’re coming in anyway, so you might as well become a member and receive special promotions and discounts on your  treatments and products! It’s a win win for everyone!

How does our Membership Program work?

It’s really simple! In fact, that’s why memberships are so popular, because they're so easy! 

Scroll down on this page, pick the membership that fits your goals, enter your information and start saving money. It's that easy! You will be charged once a month when you come in for your treatment. Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time. No big deal! 

The deducted amount is placed into a “Savings Account” which will roll over automatically if you don’t use it that month! So if you signed up for the $189 deal, and you didn’t use it last month, it is added to your balance which you can use on treatments or products! (It kinda feels like free money!) It’s basically an auto pay for skin care! 

This is the best way to maintain your skin and your investment!  

Here’s how to sign up!

Scroll down below and Select your SILVER or GOLD, or PLATINUM membership option below and fill out all the information. 

That’s it! 

Once your card is charged, give us 24 hours to get everything setup for you and then call to schedule your appointment, stop by the clinic or buy your products online!  

Your Membership never expires and rolls over month to month! 

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! You can always give us a call or come in to cancel or update cc information. (we're not sure why anyone would willingly give up these savings!)  Easy peasy! * The roll over money in account must be used in clinic for other treatments or products. 

What are my options?

We have 3 subscription levels that give you automatic bonuses! Fitting all lifestyles and goals.

Silver Membership: $139/month

  • 10% off products - anytime you buy a product! That's like, free money for you to spend... on you! 

  • Monthly choice of hydra skin facial OR Nano needling facial.

  • FREE Dermaplaning.

  • LED Therapy

Gold Membership: $189/month

  • 15% off products

  • Customized treatment each month you are able to change. 

  • ALWAYS includes Dermaplaning.

  • This is best for those who want a full skin transformation, Treatments will vary from DMK Enzyme, Muscle Banding, Peels, Hydra Skin Facial, Needling, ETC.

  •  15% off all other services in clinic such as teeth whitening, semi permanent makeup, mini dermaplane facials.

Platinum Series:  $145/ Session

(two sessions a month) 

  • 20% off all products

  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED in Gold Membership + Customized treatments two times a month.

  • 20% off all other services in clinic.  

  • This membership is best for those who have a special event coming up and want a full skin transformation, Your Esthetician will work as a team to customize every single session. 

We know how important your skin is to you and we want you to know how important YOU are to us! This is our way of making it easier for you to take care of yourself every month - and for us to spoil you a little bit along the way! 

Can’t wait to see you in the clinic!


Chic Beautique Skin Clinic.

We are OBSESSED about finding the BEST products and services to add value to our clients lives, and we are SO EXCITED to share with you our Chic Beautique Skincare Membership Program!!!! YAY!!!!!!! 

So, I bet you're wondering...

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