Our expertise and wealth of knowledge is best known for our advanced skin treatments. We focus on extremely result driven therapies and specialize in corrective skincare.

Our unique approach to skincare combines holistic therapies with medical aesthetics to create an inclusive experience. We have spent countless hours training with the most effective treatments by using the top of the line products and innovative technologies. We look forward to meeting you!


Owner- Esthetician- Permanent Makeup Artist- Lash Artist.

My approach to bringing out your best skin comes from a desire to find solutions to help you love the skin you are in. I work with men and women of all ages that have all kinds of skin care needs. Licensed Esthetician for over 8+ years- I thrive on the problem solving aspects of skin care I am dedicated to customizing each experience around you and your lifestyle. I continue to always challenge myself and learn new techniques I can better serve my clients. While I love skin treatments, the artist side in me loves the transformation of lash extensions and microblading/powder brows. Being able to truly make a difference in your life- makes my day! I cant wait to start this journey with you helping you build your confidence in the skin you're in. I love challenging myself and always ready to learn new things. I have also found my new love hobby of Photography: check out my Photography business here:


Esthetician- Permanent Makeup.

"I absolutely love helping women find their confidence. Honestly, that is the best part of my job! Seeing a client first come in with their head down & being able to watch them start carrying their head high and happy is so rewarding!
God and my family are the 2 things that mean the most to me. I have an amazing fiancé and the sweetest son plus 3 GIANT fur babies.
I am a fitness lover! I enjoy being able to push my mind and body past what I thought I was capable of!
My favorite color is pink.... DUH"


Esthetician- Permanent Makeup Artist.

“Hi Guys! I am Ashton a DMK Certified Paramedical Esthetician at Chic Beautique Skin Clinic for over a year now and have been in the beauty industry for over 5 years. I can definitely say I love my job, and for me it’s so much more than just a facial or a makeup application, it’s building people’s confidence from the inside out. What you put out in the world is what you attract is what I live by always! Currently I am taking new clients, I’d love to get the chance to meet you and change your selfies forever!”



“I love seeing people stand a little straighter and smile a little bigger when we achieve results they are looking for”.
I was an oil and gas executive for 30 years, and after a health scare decided it was time to make my soul happy and make the change.
I am 58, have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I love the outdoors, beach and fishing mostly.
I have been with Chic Beautique for 1 1/2 years first in the shopping department and now as an Esthetician. I look forward to helping you achieve your Skin goals!


Esthetician. Permanent Makeup Artist. Laser Technician.

Hey guys! I am Logan a Licensed Esthetician, laser technician & makeup artist. Beauty starts from within, and be being able to give someone there confidence back and seeing the smile on there face, is why I do what I do! I can’t explain how rewarding it is to watch people light up after a facial treatment, and be able to be there for the big moments in life with the power of makeup. I can’t wait to meet you, and start your journey to beautiful skin.


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